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Hotkey shortcuts

Hotkey shortcuts are among the most important basics you need to learn in order to navigate your KNULLI device and play your games. This section will give you an overview over the available hotkey shortcuts.

The Function button

Each KNULLI-driven device has a dedicated button we refer to as the Function button. Depending on your device, the Function button can be in different places. E.g., for the Anbernic RG35XX H, the button is located at the top right of the device, indicated by the letter F. (Sometimes, the Function button is also referred to as the "menu" button, the "FN" button, the "F" button, or the "hotkey".)

The button can be used to trigger a number of shortcuts which will help you control the currently running emulation core.

When playing with bluetooth controllers without a Function button, the Select button often can be used as a substitute. However, be aware that in this case the default select action of the respective context is also triggered when you press the button.

The face buttons

Face buttons

Most KNULLI-compatible handhelds have a set of face buttons - usually on the right side of the device. On most devices, you have four face buttons. Depending on your device and/or controller, the buttons may have different labels.

KNULLI mostly follows the labeling system known from SNES and the Anbernic devices. However, the buttons are sometimes also referred to by their respective directions to avoid confusion for users of PlayStation or Xbox controllers.

Face buttons on different systems

KNULLI Location Direction PS XBOX
X North Y
A East B
B South A
Y West X

By default, KNULLI follows the control scheme of Nintendo devices in all menus: A for OK/confirm and B for cancel/back. However, if you feel more familiar with the PlayStation scheme, press Start to bring up the main menu, go to System settings and find Frontend Developer Options. Here you will find a toggle to Switch confirm & cancel buttons in EmulationStation.

Hotkey shortcuts

All hotkey shortcuts follow the same pattern: Press and hold the Function button and press another key to call the respective action as indicated by the table below.

If you forgot a shortcut: Don't worry! KNULLI comes with an on-screen manual. At the home screen, press Select to bring up the Quick access menu. Here, you will be able to View user manual, which contains a list of all shortcuts.

Shortcut Action
Function + Start Quit the game and return to EmulationStation
Function + Open the emulator menu of the current core
Function + Quick save in the currently selected save slot
Function + Quick load from the currently selected save slot
Function + Next save slot
Function + Previous save slot
Function + Fast forward
Function + Rewind
Function + L1 Take a screenshot

Most hotkey shortcuts work for most cores. Even though only savegames from RetroArch cores are integrated into the EmulationStation GUI and can be loaded directly from the menu, most other cores also provide save game slots which can be accessed by the same shortcuts.

If you are collecting Retro Achievements in hardcore mode, all save/load fast foward/rewind actions are disabled by definition. However, for regular RetroAchievements, saving/loading etc. is enabled.

Games from the PortMaster library are not emulated and therefore do not respond to emulation shortcuts. Do not panic if your PortMaster games do not react to your hotkey shortcuts - this is expected behavior. To find out how to save, load, and exit your PortMaster games, please refer to the game's manual.