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Retro Achievements

KNULLI has a native integration with RetroAchievements which allows you to earn achievements as you play games across numerous emulators. In order to use RetroAchievements your device must be connected to the internet.

Error 419

It is currently not possible to access your collected Retroachievements from the main menu. There is a change needed on the RetroAchievements API in order to be able to display your history of earned achievements in EmulationStation. Once the needed change is made by RetroAchievements, we will re-enable this feature in EmulationStation.

However, even if you cannot look at your collected achievements, you can still collect achievements by following the steps below!


  1. Create an account at
  2. Follow the steps on the Networking page to connect your device to the internet.
  3. While in EmulationStation press START on your controller to open the Main Menu.
  4. Select Game Settings and then choose RetroAchievement Settings.
  5. Turn On RetroAchievements (first toggle).
  6. Then enter your username and password for in the username and password fields.

Additional Notes

  • There are additional settings that can be changed in the above menu to tailor your experience. Please see the documentation @ for details on each option
    • Recommended Settings:
    • Unlock Sound (On): this plays the classic unlock sound each time an achievement is earned.
    • Automatic Screenshot (On): this takes a screenshot each time an achievement is earned and stores it in the screenshots directory. These can be viewed in the screenshots system in EmulationStation.
  • Not all emulators and games support RetroAchievements; please see the list of emulators that support achievements here and check if your game has achievements available by searching for it on