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Using a Second SD Card

Important: Read this before you proceed!

If you want to use a second SD card, we strongly recommend to format it to ext4 and use Network Transfer to access it. Before you attempt set up a exFAT-formatted second SD card, pleae make sure to read the warning in the Add Games section.

If you use KNULLI on a device which has a second SD card slot, you may use the second slot for a secondary SD card, which can be used instead of the SHARE partition of the primary SD card.

  • Shut down your KNULLI device (if it is currently turned on).
  • Insert the second SD card into the second SD card slot while the device is turned off.
  • Boot KNULLI, open the main menu by pressing the Start button and choose System settings.
  • Find the Storage section where you can choose your Storage device.
    • Switch fom Internal (the "internal" storage is the SHARE partition of your KNULLI SD card) to the name of your second SD card, e.g., SHARE - 25.6G.
  • Reboot KNULLI to apply the changes by pressing the Start button and choosing Restart system in the Quit section.
  • If your secondary SD card is not yet formatted to the file system of your choice
    • follow instructions in the Formatting section to format your SD card with the built-in KNULLI formatter.
    • make sure to reboot once more to apply the formatting.
  • During reboot, KNULLI will automatically populate the second SD card with all the required folders and files you would usually find in the userdata folder/SHARE partition.
  • If your second SD card is formatted to exFAT, you can now shut down your device and take the card out. You can put the card in your computer to access it and populate it with your data.

The batocera folder

Older alpha versions of KNULLI created a subfolder batocera on your secondary SD card and made the userdata folder point to that batocera folder. However, more recent versions got rid of the batocera folder entirely. To maintain compatibility with current KNULLI releases, simply move the entire contents of the batocera folder to the top level of your second SD card."