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Cheats for PPSSPP

The standalone PPSSPP emulator for PlayStation Portable (PSP) brings its own database of cheats which can be applied to your PSP games.

Installing PPSSPP cheats

To install PPSSPP cheats on your KNULLI device, simply press Start to bring up the main menu. From there, head to Updates & Downloads and open the Content Downloader. Find Cheats for PPSSPP emulator, either by searching for it by keyword or by scrolling down to the PlayStation Portable section. Either way, after selecting Cheats for PPSSPP emulator from the list and pressing the confirm button (either A or B depending on your settings), you will be prompted to install cheats. Confirm again to begin installation.

Applying PPSSPP cheats on your games

By default, KNULLI uses standalone PPSSPP as emulator for your PSP games. However, if you want to make sure that your game runs on PPSSPP (e.g., because you have set global default PSP emulation to another core), you can go to the PSP category, find the game you want to apply cheats on, and hold the confirm button (either A or B depending on your settings) to bring up the game menu. Find Advanced Game Options and make sure to set Emulator to PPSSPP.

Applying cheats

  • Launch the game and press the Function button to bring up the PPSSPP menu.
  • In the PPSSPP menu, pick Create game config to create a game config file for your game.
  • Next, pick Game Settings and head to the System tab where you will find a toggle to Enable Cheats. Make sure that the box is checked.
  • Head back to the main menu of the PPSSPP overlay, which will now have a Cheats section.
  • Go to the Cheats section and simply check all the cheats you want to apply to your game. Be aware that not every cheat is available for every game.

You may now return to your game, the cheats should be applied automatically. Since you stored them in a game config file, the cheats will be restored automatically the next time you launch the game with PPSSPP.

Enhancing performance with cheats

Even though the word "cheat" usually refers to gaining gameplay advantages by manipulating, breaking, overriding the rules of a game, PPSSPP cheats also contain some means to improve the performance of certain games.

For example, among the cheats for "God Of War: Chains Of Sparta", you will find cheats for locking the framerate to 30 or 60 FPS. By enabling the 30 FPS lock cheat and setting Frame skipping to 1 and Auto frameskip to disabled in the Graphics tab of the Game settings, you might get a more enjoyable performance on a low-powered device like the Anbernic RG35XX H/Plus/SP.

Some stock operating systems (e.g., the Anbernic stock OS) already include game configurations for several games, which have cheats activated by default. If you feel like one of your games performs better on the stock OS of your device, take the time to compare the emulator settings of the same game on both devices and adapt the configuration from the stock OS to your KNULLI device.