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Adding Games to KNULLI

KNULLI has a few options for adding games. Depending on the capabilites of your device, you will have to determine which option to choose. For example, some devices do not have networking capabilites, so with those devices you will not be able to use the network transfer options. Additionally, you might have to consider the computer you will use as a data source, since some options are restricted to specific operating systems.

Important: Read this before you start!

Unlike many other CFWs, KNULLI currently uses ext4 as the default file system for your games, saves, configs, etc. We made this decision purposely, to give you the best out-of-the-box experience with PortMaster. Currently, PortMaster does not work properly with KNULLI on Windows/macOS-compatible exFAT partitions. (You can read more about this topic in the PortMaster section.)

It is possible to access the ext4-formatted partitions/SD cards with Linux systems. However, ext4 is not accessible from Windows/macOS directly. Consequently, you will not be able to access your SD card in the same way you might be used to from other CFWs. To add your files, we suggest that you use network transfer instead. Once you have added the device to your Wi-Fi (as explained in the Networking chapter), your KNULLI device will show up in the Network section of your Windows Explorer, where you can drag-and-drop your files just as easily. (You will find a more detailed walkthrough in the Network Transfer section.)

We know, that network transfer is a bit slower, which is an inconvenience during the initial setup when you are uploading the major part of your games. However, we also believe that it is worth the effort. The PortMaster library contains about 500 games, a lot of them will be fully playable on your handheld device if you stick with ext4.

There is an opt-out though. If you do not want to play PortMaster games anyway, you can easily reformat to the Windows-compatible exFAT format. (You will find instructions in the Formatting section.) Just be aware that PortMaster will not work properly if you choose to format to exFAT!