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FAQ: Troubleshooting

Q: I want to add my own ROMs to the SD card but my Windows/Mac computer can't see the roms partition - what can I do?

A: By default KNULLI formats the second partition with the ext4 filesystem for Linux. That format is typically not readable/mountable under Windows/Mac. However, ext4 is required for several PortMaster games to work properly.

Instead of accessing the partition directly, we propose to use network transfer instead. Alternatively, you may reformat the partition from within KNULLI, if you are sure that you do not want to play PortMaster games. Please refer to the Add Games section for details about network transfer and reformatting.

Q: Can I use a second SD card for my roms/bios content?

A: Yes! if you have a new or empty SDCARD you can insert the SDCARD on the second slot of the RG35XX and follow these steps:

  • Boot KNULLI and go to Settings -> System Settings -> Storage Device and change it from INTERNAL to your second card, e.g. SHARE - 25.6G.
  • Exit the settings menu and the system will indicate you need to reboot to get the changes applied.
  • Go to the menu Settings -> Quit -> Restart System to reboot. The system will reboot and the second card will be now used for batocera and the folder structure (roms, bios, etc.) will be created.
  • You can now shutdown the console, insert the card on your computer, and copy your bios & roms content.

Q: I would like to try muOS and KNULLI - is it possible to have the same second SD card for both CFWs to share my games between them?

A: KNULLI requires all the ROMs to be in the respective subfolders of the emulated system, e.g., roms/snes for SNES ROMs. If you populate your SD card the KNULLI way (see Add Games section for details), it will be possible to configure your muOS to take the ROMs from these folders, which will enable you to use the same second SD card for your ROMs in both CFWs.

Q: I have Garlic with my ROMs/BIOSes on the second SD card. Is it possible to reuse that card for KNULLI?

A: By default KNULLI expects a different name for the ROM folders and their location, but thanks to @XQuader there's a script that creates the compatible configuration for KNULLI based on the Garlic structure. You can read more about it on this Reddit post.

Q: The installation seems to be running, I can see it's expanding the partition but it's taking too long

A: Expanding and booting the first time with a 64GB SDCARD takes about 1 to 1:30 minutes. If your SDCARD is larger it may take much longer, however, if it goes beyond 5 minutes, chances are that something didn't go well. Just press reset and the system will continue. If that's the case, the partition may have not been expanded. For that you will need to manually expand the card on your PC/Mac/Linux.

Q: I've installed KNULLI or updated to the latest version and my controls don't respond as expected - what can I do?

A: For some devices, especially those which share a common installation image (e.g., the RG35XX H/Plus/SP series), it might be required to manually map the controls after the first installation. To do that, follow the instructions in the Control section.

Q: I cannot connect to my Wi-Fi even though my device has a wireless network adapter - what can I do?

A: Make sure that your router is set to WPA2. Some users experience connection issues with Wi-Fis which are set to WPA3.

Q: I've installed/updated to the latest version and I don't have audio, or my controls don't respond, or something else is not working as expected:

A: If you have updated from an older version you may need to copy the batocera.conf from the releases page to your SD card: * If you use one single SD card, mount the second partition on your PC/Mac/Linux (SHARE) and copy the file to system/batocera.conf * If you use two SD cards, mount the second SD card on your PC/Mac/Linux and copy the file to system/batocera.conf

Q: When I try to open Retro Achievements, I get an error message with status code 419, telling me I am not authorized. What can I do?

A: Nothing. But don't worry! If you see this message, it only means that your version of KNULLI does not support displaying your collected Retro Achievements, yet. However, it is still completely possible to collect Retro Achievements while playing! Just set up your Retro Achievements account as explained in the Retro Achievements section and start hunting!

Q: Why are bezel decorations not working on my KNULLI device?

A: Most bezel decorations are made for screens with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Consequently, those bezels do not work on a 4:3 display (like on the Anbernic RG35XX H/Plus/SP). To get bezel decorations working, find a bezel pack for 4:3 displays. You will find a detailed explanation (and a pointer to 4:3-compatible bezels) in the Bezel Decorations section.

Q: There seems to be some battery drain. What can I do?

A: Most likely, there is no battery drain. There is a bug in the algorithm which calculates and refreshes the estimated battery charge. Therefore, the displayed percentage is inaccurate. Do not worry about it, your battery is fine. Our developers are already working on a solution to give you a more precise battery charge indicator.