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Map controls after installation

Depending on your device and your version of KNULLI, it might be required to map the built-in controls of your device before you can start playing.

Even though it was designed for handheld devices, KNULLI still supports various types of USB and Bluetooth controllers. However, before a controller can be used with your KNULLI device, it might be necessary to map its buttons and directional controls to the corresponding game inputs.

Do not confuse hardware setup with button mapping for games/systems!

Do not confuse controller setup with game- or core-specific button remapping! This section is about the global controller setup to make the hardware work. If you want to remap the controls for a specific game or emulation core, follow the guide for the respective core (e.g. Retroarch).

Controller mapping

To map the buttons and directional inputs of a controller, press the Start button to bring up the main menu, find Controller & Bluetooth Settings and select Controller Mapping. On-screen instructions will ask you to hold a button on the controller you want to map. Once the controller was detected, you will be guided through the process: Simply press the button on your controller which corresponds best to the button/function displayed on screen.

If you press a wrong button, don't worry: You will always be able to return to this menu and remap the controller again.

Face buttons are indicated by direction!

KNULLI supports several different handhelds and controllers from different brands. Depending on your device, labels on the face buttons might differ. Therefore, KNULLI names face buttons not by their label but by their direction.

For example, out of the four face buttons, the north button () is labeled X on the standard SNES controllers and on most Anbernic devices. The same button is labeled Y on Xbox controllers and on PlayStation controllers.

Make sure that you do not confuse the directional face buttons ( ) with the D-pad directions ( )! You will find more information about face buttons in the Hotkey shortcuts section.

Connect a Bluetooth controller

To use a Bluetooth controller with your KNULLI device, you first need to make sure that both your device and your controller support Bluetooth. If so, press Start to bring up the main menu and go to Controller & Bluetooth Settings. Here, you will be able to Enable Bluetooth if it is not enabled, yet.

Once Bluetooth is enabled, either try to Pair Bluetooth Pads Automatically or select Pair A Bluetooth Device Manually and find your controller in a list of available Bluetooth devices in your vicinity. If your controller does not show up or pairing does not work as expected, check the manual of your controller for pairing instructions.

Once the Bluetooth controller is paired and connected, you may want to proceed with Controller mapping.

Other Bluetooth devices

KNULLI also supports other Bluetooth devices such as mice, headphones, or speakers.

Forget a Bluetooth controller

If you want to remove or "forget" a paired Bluetooth controller, press the Start button to bring up the main menu, head to Controller & Bluetooth Settings, open Forget A Bluetooth Device, find the device and remove it.